How do I know that I can do the FIT10 exercises?

The FIT10 exercises can be done by anyone, at almost any age. In fact, because of the unique formula used to build strength with FIT10, it is possible for a wider range of people to use FIT10, then virtually any other type of strength building exercises available today. FIT10 even works for those that are pregnant or for rehabilitation after a serious injury or surgery.

What does the FIT10 resistance device attach to?

Both the FIT10 Quick Strength Trainer and Resistance Running devices can easily be attached to any door to complete the base 10 minute exercises.   Simply attach these devices to any door to do your exercises and then remove it immediately after. There is no mounting hardware required, and it will not mar or scar the door. If preferred, two small hooks can be placed on any wall into a stud, to which FIT10 can easily be attached. The simplicity of the device allows for a multitude of other mounting options to create additional exercise programs and to target specific muscle groups.

Where can I use the FIT10?

Because of the ease with which FIT10 attaches to doors, along with the fact that all of the equipment weighs only 2.5 lbs, and fits in a 6″x12″ bag, it can be used anywhere.  At your home, office, outdoors, and even at the hotel while travelling.

Is it really possible to get a complete workout in only 10-minutes a day?

YES! Not only is it possible, it’s the best method for staying in shape. Why? Because any exercise program is only as good as your ability to maintain consistency – sticking with it over the long haul. FIT10’s unique method of combining isometric’s with variable resistance and doing each exercise immediately following the other allows you to build great anaerobic strength, both upper and lower body, and accomplish your cardiovascular workout all at the same time. We’ve proven that more people get and stay fit, if they exercise 10 minutes a day verses 30-45 minutes 3-4 times a week, because of the consistency factor.

Do you recommend this type of exercise for young children or the elderly?

Though the FIT10 method of exercise will build tremendous strength, it is very different from lifting weights. When you “lift weights” you do what’s called an eccentric (or negative) motion, which can put as much as 200-300 pounds of pressure or more on your joints. Because a pre-pubescent child’s bones and joints have not completely developed, this can be counterproductive and even detrimental. The same is true for the elderly that tend to have less bone density and tend to be more fragile.  One of the amazing features of FIT10 is that the eccentric motion is eliminated, thereby dramatically reducing the stress to the joint. This allows not only the very young, but also the very old; to do the exercises without joint soreness and build much needed strength.

What if I have back problems or injury?

One of the most extraordinary aspects of the FIT10 exercise program is that you can do strength building exercises without putting any compression on the spine! The FIT10 method was first invented to allow astronauts to exercise in gravity free space. The fact this method of building strength can be used in gravity free space means that it’s possible to do specific exercises that are “anti-gravity”. The significance of this is profound for anyone with back problems. When using this method to build strength, even when fully exerting, there is no stress on the back. Today, FIT10 remains one of the best possible solutions for building dynamic strength, for anyone with back pain or problems. Of the many different strength building exercises possible using the FIT10, not all are anti-gravity, however, each of the exercises in the FIT10 Ten Minute Exercise Program are no-compression-on-the-back exercises.